Love TV Coming Soon


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A six part TV series exploring art, culture and music while trying to discover the meaning of love.

The Bec Mac show is produced in partnership with Digital 31 and is hosted by Rebecca McIntosh.

It features many of the best LOVE TV interviews with each episode exploring a different aspect of love.

Episode 1 13th Nov "Romantic Love is it an Illusion?"  featuring Blaq Carrie and interviews with Noel Fielding and Claudia Karvan

Episode 2 20th Nov "The LOVE of Theatre"  featuring Black Pudding and interviews with local actors Christopher Sommers, Dash Kruck and Tim Dashwood

Episode 3 27th Nov "Authors in Love How Far will they Go?"  featuring Mazaza and interviews with Benjamin Law, Augusten Burroughs and Krissy Kneen.

Episode 4  4th Dec "The Love of a Place" f eaturing Megan Cooper and people who work at the Davies Park Market West End.

Episode 5 11th Dec "The Obsessive Love of Things"  featuring A View of The Woods and Scott Hutchinson.

Episode 6 18th Dec "Do you still Love You Brisbane?"  featuring Sissybones and interviews with Richard Bell, The Kransky Sisters and Anna McGahn