Love TV Coming Soon

Fordham Road, The Bronx
16 & 17 August

Fordham Road & Webster Ave, 4pm - 8pm

Exploring the undiscovered, multicultural and eclectic community of The Bronx, Love TV visits the iconic and historically rich Fordham Road this August.  Today, Fordham Road’s successful mix of independent stores and well-known chain stores has kept it as the largest and most prominent shopping district in the Bronx.  

With over 300 businesses and a bustling, vibrant community, Fordham has been the recipient of recent innovative renovations to assist in the development of the area.  Fordham’s future is as bright as its past and with the continued support of the community, Forham Road will maintain its status as a premiere destinations for shoppers and visitors.


Love TV is joining locals across New York City to find out who and what you love best in your area.  Nominate a guest for interview on LOVE TV at Fordham Road.