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Summer Streets

Municipal Building, 1 Centre Street, Manhattan
4, 11 & 18 August, 7am – 1pm

In a celebration of sustainability, healthy living and culture, the annual Summer Streets is the New York City Department of Transportation’s biggest signature Summer event.  With road closures between Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge, the city becomes a 7-mile open playground, allowing New Yorkers to reclaim their most important public space – the streets.  

Opened for people to play, walk, bike and breathe, Summer Streets provides more space for healthy recreation, encourages sustainable forms of transportation and transforms the city into a communal block party. Food, music and entertainment will be scattered throughout the space, with a Love TV site in the heart of the area as a means of exploring New York’s sacred spaces, cherished corners and stories of love.

Love TV is joining locals across New York City to find out who and what you love best in your area.  Nominate a guest for interview on LOVE TV at Summer Streets 2012











































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